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10 ways to use your microwave differently (part 1)

10 ways to use your microwave differently (part 1)

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Yesterday, I was lazy and therefore I used the "Fashion Week" technique, a technique that allows you to succeed beautiful photos on a blog article and not to clutter it with text "to let s express pure talent. " Today I'm still lazy but I'm changing my method, so I will use the "Political" technique which allows me to say the same thing but in another language, coupled with the "Counter discussion" technique which leaves the field free to talk about a subject that we have absolutely no control over. Why write an article on a subject that has already been brilliantly treated by another? I could have just told you to read 10 uses for your microwave that may surprise you from The Kitchn blog but that would actually limit the content of this article. By summarizing and translating it, on the other hand, I have the impression of serving the public cause (at least the non-English speaking part). Obviously I could have gone further and tested myself the recipes and tips offered on the article in The Kitchn but not having in my possession the main tool, ie the microwave, you will understand easily that this obstacle strongly compromises the thing. But the "Counter Discussion" technique allows me to get rid of these material obligations. Let's go back to what really interests you, these 10 ways to use your microwave, I mean other than to reheat dishes already ready.

1. Poached eggs

You don't poach your eggs often enough, mainly because the "egg thrown" in the pan regularly results in a boulgi boulga closer to the road damaged egg than to the poached egg. With the microwave, the method is much less risky: just break your egg in a bowl, add a little water and possibly vinegar, cover your bowl with a plate and cook for 60 seconds at 80% of the power. We put back 20 seconds if the egg is not cooked enough.

2. Crisps

It seems there is no need for additional accessories to make crisps in the microwave. However, we recommend using a mandolin to have slices of the same thickness so that they cook in the same way. These potato rings are placed in a steamer basket or on a plate and cooked for three minutes ... the first time. Then we return the chips, we decrease the power and we leave for 3 minutes, and so on until we get chips. It is recommended to always keep an eye on these crisps because the passage between crispy crisps and charred crisps is very fast, it seems.

3. Milk froth

So simple and so good on his coffee! Just put milk in a jar with a lid (do not fill it more than half). Once closed, shake the jar vigorously for at least 30 seconds so that the milk doubles in volume. The cover is removed and placed in the microwave for 30 seconds. That's all ? Yes that's all !

4. Polenta

This is where I learn that polenta is consumed by some for breakfast. I don't like to prepare polenta, I must have a problem with semolina of all kinds because I always end up with pâtés. For this recipe, we limit the damage: mix 240 ml of water with 60 ml of cornmeal, salt and olive oil in a bowl, we place the bowl, uncovered, in the microwave for five minutes, maximum power. Halfway through cooking, take out the polenta and mix again, you can add a little milk if you want and then finish cooking.

5. Macaroni and cheese pasta

The emergency dish, that of the child screaming at 11:30 am and claiming its pittance, that of the evening of the week after a tiring day of work. Place 120 ml of macaroni, 120 ml of water and a little salt in a bowl. Cook for two minutes at maximum power and check the cooking of the pasta, then put back two minutes and re-check (we add water if there is obviously more). Cooking should take 6 to 8 minutes. We then add 60 ml of milk and cheese (whatever you want and as much as you want). We put back in the microwave for 30 seconds, maximum power, stir and leave for 30 seconds, so on until we get a creamy sauce. You know what ? I will even implement the technique of "True Lazy" by putting off the rest of this article to the next day. See you soon !