American bar cuisine inspired by "How I Met Your Mother"

American bar cuisine inspired by "How I Met Your Mother"

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Followers of the American series "How I Met Your Mother" will not say the opposite: McLaren's is to Ted's band of friends what Central Perk was to the roommates of "Friends"! This bar, where Barney, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Ted find themselves permanently is typically New Yorker. A relaxed, simple but friendly place from which we can draw inspiration to organize our kitchen if we like to receive friends at home!

Furnish the table in the American bar style

On the side of the table, we recreate an atmosphere of an American bar from the 60s, very trendy in New York. If you are short of space, choose a small round glass table around which you will install steel stools covered with a seat and a red vinyl backrest for a more true-to-life rendering. The other possibility is to bet on a rectangular dark wooden table surrounded, not by chairs, but by two large armchairs or benches installed opposite each other. It almost feels like a real "dinner"!

A red brick wall

To plant a decor straight from the Big Apple, nothing like recreating a wall of red bricks, a coating typical of the interiors of the megalopolis. So as not to have to break down the walls, we turn to the easy-to-install facing plates found at Lapeyre or Leroy Merlin. Covering a section of wall with red brick trompe l'oeil wallpaper is also an option to consider!

Old advertisements and slates to decorate the walls

The wall decoration is not finished. To evoke the look of American bars, we also display old posters for advertising, films or sports (baseball, basketball, etc.) framed as well as one or two slates, not to offer the menu of the day, but to note little words! Everything is ready to escape across the Atlantic at the time of receiving friends for an aperitif or dinner ...


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