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Golden walls

Golden walls

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It is not only in December that we allow ourselves a golden decor. A wall lined with gold-colored covering or objects illuminates the interior with a precious and refined air.

Gold-colored wall coverings

Imagine a golden brick wall: in a living room, it gives the atmosphere an elegant look while pearly tiling in the bathroom brings a glamorous and feminine touch. Maison Décorative's "100% luxury" paint covers the walls with a golden veil, and completed with "By light" glitter gel, they sparkle! If you prefer to bet on a simple and discreet precious note, think of candlesticks and bird cages in XXL version stickers to plant a sophisticated decor. A golden frieze is also a possibility to consider to gracefully separate the two colors of a wall. On the children's side, the color gold is synonymous with a magical atmosphere. So why not paint one side of the room in a golden yellow tone, close to the hue of honey or sunflower, or choose a floral wallpaper whose outline of the flowers would be golden? Worthy of a princess bedroom, the result would delight little girls.

Collections of golden objects to line a wall

Displaying an air of richness on the walls is also possible by exhibiting a collection of gold-colored objects. Dare to accumulate! A multitude of paintings, clocks or mirrors with golden framing will be of the most beautiful effect. If you like ethnic jewelry, consider hanging it on the wall in the same way as in art galleries. These treasures will highlight the authentic and precious side of the decor. More traditional, a collection of copper plates or pans hanging on the kitchen walls will brighten up the kitchen with charm.