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14 green tables

14 green tables

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Designed to last, green tables are dressed in natural, recyclable and renewable materials, or in recycled materials. Whether your interior is design, nature or more classic, discover our 100% ecological selection and make your decorative choices!

Nature spirit

The designers favor wood, a recyclable and renewable material, when it comes from sustainably managed forests. Find in our selection the Bowl Table , in mango wood, very design and multifunctional with its bowl-shaped tray that stands out from its feet. For a more retro style, prefer the brand's 50s made in France coffee table Queen Mother , made with Landes pine from the Klaus storm. You can also play the eco-design card thoroughly with a set of coffee tables made up of 10 tree trunks of different sizes. The Scandinavian style is also represented, with a signed table Punkalive , made of spruce veneer. Finally, the model Westbourne PEFC certified solid oak can adapt to all styles and all budgets.

Spirit recovered

The tables give ideas to the geniuses of recovery. In Trendy-Tub , we find two models, a high table and a very design low, made from industrial barrels, recycled and customized by many artists. In The bear cabin , the table is made in euro pallet, sanded and treated with ecological stain, linseed oil and natural pigment. Dressed in old military leather belts, this table is not lacking in character. And for addicts of unusual decoration, urgently discover the coffee table Silvana , made from a washing machine drum!