Which sofa bed should you choose for your teenage bedroom?

Which sofa bed should you choose for your teenage bedroom?

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To transform the teenager's bedroom into a mini apartment with a living room where to receive friends, nothing like a bed that turns into a sofa. For this, there are several sleeping solutions such as the sofa-bed, the BZ or the sofa bed. Here are some tips to help you choose your teen's bed.

Why choose a sofa convertible into a bed?

The teenage bedroom often turns into a small studio! The teenager no longer sleeps only in his room but also invites his friends to play video games or watch movies. So when the bed turns into a sofa, the teenager has more space in the bedroom and can transform the room into a small TV lounge. If the bedroom is a good size, you can even place a sofa bed in addition to the traditional bed to serve as an extra bed for guests.

The different convertibles for the teenage bedroom

As for convertible sleeping solutions, you have the choice! Indeed, there are benches whose backrest tilts to create a bed, click-clack sofas on the same system, BZs that are unrolled lengthwise or even sleeping solutions to unfold. Choose the type of convertible according to the place you benefit from, knowing that the bench seats and the sofa bed are often the ones that take up the least space. Then, be sure to choose a model with a quality mattress because your teen's sleep will depend on it. So, do not hesitate to turn to sleeping solutions offered by major bedding brands such as Bultex or Simmons. Decorative ideas, photos and advice around the sofa: How to choose your sofa, mistakes to avoid and choice of cushions. Discover our selection of convertible beds: