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Venetian blinds to control light

Venetian blinds to control light

Venetian blinds are real allies in your interior! They allow you to very subtly modulate the brightness of your room while controlling the possibility of seeing or being seen. Less bulky than the curtains, they soberly dress the window without cluttering the space. Focus on these very decorative blinds.

Blinds for all styles

You will find both blinds for a modern style, a colonial or traditional style. If your decor is modern enough, you can opt for aluminum venetian blinds that can be installed in any room. For a more traditional style, you will bet on wooden blinds. You will then have the choice between light colors and others darker which will bring a colonial touch to your room. Please note, wooden blinds are not recommended in damp rooms because they could be damaged. Finally, be aware that you can also choose PVC blinds which have the advantage of being economical and easy to maintain.

Custom blinds

If your windows are very large or have a particular format, do not worry because you can create custom blinds. Indeed, if you like the play of light of the Venetian blinds you can head towards Saint Maclou. The brand offers a large choice of slat finishes with a matt or shiny finish, wood or colors such as red, green or even gold. The good news: the quote in store is free. Decorative tip: for a small window, opt for 16 mm slats and for a large window, choose 25 mm slats.