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How to choose your laundry basket?

How to choose your laundry basket?

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Whether in the laundry room or in the bathroom, the laundry basket is essential to help you do your laundry. It is chosen not only according to the habits of your home but also the decor of your bathroom. Here are some tips for choosing your laundry basket.

A laundry basket according to your needs

Before choosing your basket or laundry basket, you need to determine what you need in terms of size and shape. Indeed, if you are a large family, you will need more storage space than if you are a couple. If you want to save time, you can opt for a basket with several compartments, which will allow each to sort the white and the color as they go.

A laundry basket that adapts to your decor

Once the size of your laundry basket has been determined, think about the decorative aspect! There are different kinds of laundry baskets: from a simple wicker basket to the wooden chest and the fabric basket on a frame. If your bathroom is natural or zen style, the wicker basket will be ideal and will go well with wooden furniture. If your bathroom is rather classic, go to the wooden chest. For a designer bathroom, we will keep the principle of the trunk but we will choose a more modern material like Plexiglas for example. Finally, to bring a playful touch to your interior, bet on an offset laundry basket with messages or funny patterns. You will even find models that look like two drops of water to a washing machine! Discover our selection of laundry baskets: