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Japanese inspirations in your interior

Japanese inspirations in your interior

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For a Zen atmosphere, adopt a Japanese style inspired by Buddhist practices. Exotic and Asian, this decoration will offer you a quality of life placed under the sign of balance.

An elegant and soothing Asian style

In order to achieve a Japanese decoration, decorate your interior with decorative objects that combine water and plants. Discover the Empire of the Rising Sun and enjoy the refined and minimalist decoration characteristic of this authentic and traditional culture. Fountains, Buddha statue, bamboo print canvases will transport you to a distant and exotic destination. Bring serenity and rest to your rooms by inviting you to daydream with decorative elements inspired by Japanese culture.

A chic and refined table decoration

In order to taste sushi elegantly, compose your table with trays decorated with small porcelain, glass and wood containers for a subtle and tasty appetizer. The soothing tones of products from the art of the table allow a delight of the eyes for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during meals. Other utensils of Japanese life, authentic baguettes, which will be ideal for a chic and refined decoration. You can add small square plates in sandstone in tones of mole inspired by nature. Invite elements of Japanese tableware into your dining room for a sober and contemporary environment. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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