12 accessories for a green office

12 accessories for a green office

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No more plastic! Make way for wood, bamboo, recycled paper and recycling. Our offices also have their green accessories. Here is our selection of new products.

Focus on wooden accessories

Back to basics with designer and ecological wooden accessories. The Reine Mère brand, specializing in eco-design, designs for the office a wooden ruler from sustainably managed Jura forests. Ditto for its clipboard in solid beech. At Oooms, the USB key turns green. Natural, it consists of a branch recovered directly from a Dutch forest and then assembled by hand. Always FSC wood for Quebook notebooks, with FSC Inuit paper made from chlorine-free pulp. Finally, at Lexon, the Safe calculator dares to use bamboo.

Recovery and recycling

You will also find accessories in the recycled spirit, such as a concrete block to act as a pencil holder at Arkheia. In another style, the designer Redemei assembles old floppy disks to arrange your pencils. There is also room for recycling with a function dog made from scraps of leather, a pencil holder made of newspaper or a wastepaper basket in bags of fish food recovered from fish farms in Cambodia or in bags of rice. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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