The cooking piano to cook to perfection

The cooking piano to cook to perfection

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For cuisine worthy of a great chef, equip yourself with a cooking piano. Once reserved for professional use, it is installed in our kitchens as a decorative object in its own right with its very trendy retro look. XXL dimensions, luxury materials and high-performance equipment. Turn its knobs, you will become a real cordon-bleu!


You can cook everything with the cooking piano. Normal, it is equipped with several ovens to be able to cook different dishes at different temperatures and without mixing tastes. There are also cooking plates most often running on gas, with large cooking spaces to be able to give free rein to your culinary creation.


The manufacturers dare all audacity, in terms of colors, patterns ... Black, ivory, red, green or even pink, the big houses decline their models in various colors. At Falcon, find a floral adaptation of their traditional model with giant stickers representing tart flowers that cover the doors of the stove. For its part, AGA dares the colorful peas with a model revamped by the English artist Emma Bridgewater.


The cooking pianos were originally only professional. On the price side, you had to pay a minimum of 20,000 euros to buy a cooking with onions! Today, it is possible by breaking the bank to buy the star of the stove, the average price being around 4,000 euros, with entry-level in the 2,000 euros, especially at Falcon. Addresses As for the large houses available on the market, you will find in particular La Cornue, the specialist in luxury cooking pianos. The brand offers a new range of CornuFé cookers with much more affordable prices, around 5,000 euros. Also look at Lacanche, Godin, Falcon, AGA and Wanders. Manufacturers of classic household appliances are also switching to "gastronomic" models, at prices ranging from 900 to 2,000 euros. Almost as beautiful as La Cornue or Lacanche models, with less culinary performance.