A nice seat for the teenage bedroom

A nice seat for the teenage bedroom

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In their bedroom, teens need comfortable seats that allow them to receive their friends in a very friendly way. The decor solution? A very soft beanbag.

Poufs for a cool attitude

The pouffe is the essential seat of the teenage bedroom! Ideal for "wallowing" at ground level for a nap, reading a book or playing video games, it takes the shape of the body to provide a very comfortable seat. In the shape of a pear, a large cushion, a sphere or a cube, it is stuffed with microbeads which make everything very soft. On the decor side, you will find all colors and all materials. There are even some that you can use outside too.

A living room in the bedroom

To please your teen, multiply the beanbags to create a small living room in the bedroom. Mix cushions and beanbags to offer a television or reading corner that will allow your teenager to receive his friends without leaving his room. You can also add a small table for snacks. Discover our selection of bean bags for teens. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"