Choose the right bed

Choose the right bed

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Choosing your bedding is very important because it is this choice that will determine the quality of your nights for the next ten years. Here are some tips for choosing your bedding.

The choice of mattress

There are several types of mattresses: latex, spring or even foam. Each offers different comfort. You must take into account the reception and support of your mattress. The first corresponds to the feeling you have when you lie down and the second ensures the maintenance of your body. To choose your mattress, think about your way of sleeping! If you are two, then you will need a large mattress that provides sleeping independence so that you do not roll in the center when your partner changes position. Regarding the length, know that it takes 15 cm more than the largest sleeper.

The choice of the box spring

It is very important to choose a box spring that matches your mattress. And of course, when you change the mattress, you must also change the box spring! So opt for a box spring of the same brand as your mattress to create an optimal combination. You will find three kinds of box springs: slatted, spring or relaxation. Slatted bed bases allow air to circulate, give your mattress firmness and work particularly well with a foam or latex mattress. The box spring will provide a soft comfort ideal to complement a spring mattress. The board : do not hesitate to go to the store to test several comforts. It is important to test before buying!