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Green picnic decor

Green picnic decor

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To picnic in the great outdoors and enjoy nature while respecting it, opt for an eco-friendly picnic. From the natural cotton plaid, to the new generation disposable cutlery, via the eco-designed thermos, discover our selection of good green ideas.

Reusable or biodegradable tableware

Forget the ugly disposable cardboard or plastic plates! Prefer melamine models, solid and reusable, which you can also enjoy at home. In particular, there is a supercharged range at the Rice brand, with liberty models in flashy colors (above in photo). And disposable but biodegradable dishes? Today there are plates, goblets and cutlery made from recycled and compostable materials, wood fiber or corn starch.

Green chic drink

On the drink side, the aluminum gourd is coming back! It is the Swiss company Sigg which puts it back on the front of the stage with small bottles declined in very trendy models. Insulated, they are above all 100% eco-friendly, solvent-free, with a non-toxic anti-crack interior coating, and without bisphenol A. They are of course reusable, and infinitely recyclable!

But also…

To transport your picnic, think of the traditional straw basket or the organic cotton tote bag. At Coq en Pâte, ethical designer for the whole family, the "Weekend" bag, 100% thick organic cotton is ideal for picnics.