The dressing table, an iconic piece of furniture for girls

The dressing table, an iconic piece of furniture for girls

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Perfume, comb your hair, make up, dress up, look at yourself: women can do that! A peculiarity which earned them the exclusivity of a piece of furniture, the dressing table. Back on this essential furniture for girls, teenagers and women, from its origins to today.

Feminization down to furniture

The origin of dressing tables dates back to the early 20th century, but the bathroom furniture that inspired this very feminine model already existed a few centuries ago. Indeed, in the 17th century, we began to use the term "toilet" to designate the beauty corner of women. A piece of furniture consisting of a mirror on easel and a table on which they have all their toilet accessories: jewelry, bottles, combs.

A dressing table for all ages and styles

Today, it is indeed a piece of furniture in its entirety, including an integrated mirror sometimes framed with LED lights and drawers to store necklaces, perfumes and makeup. But now women are not the only ones to have their hairdresser. Teenage girls and young girls also adopted it. This has prompted designers to decline this piece of furniture in all styles and for all tastes: girly, baroque, authentic wood, design, exotic ... Each can thus find happiness! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"