2 in 1: smart furniture

2 in 1: smart furniture

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To succeed in a space-saving mission, we stock up on clever furniture that plays a double role.

The ingenious furniture for the bedroom

To save in square meters, bedroom furniture has more than one trick up its sleeve. When you want to distinguish a relaxation area to watch TV and receive friends, the sofa bed is the ideal bed / sofa. The cupboards also have many surprises in store for us. They hide a folding bed that stores during the day to free up space and lowers in anticipation of nights of sleep, or hide a desk that does not occupy space when it is not used. But that's not all ! The smart furniture also goes through a bed base including drawers for storing your belongings or through a headboard arranged so as to separate the bedroom from the bathroom.

The double play of furniture in the kitchen and in the living room

In the living room, the range of smart furniture begins with a table whose height is adjusted to make a dining table or a coffee table as needed. A sofa bed is also welcome to welcome friends for dinner and for sleeping. In the kitchen, we like to save space by investing in a console that converts to a table. And when the kitchen is open to the living room, there is a bar or a dresser in between. Here is a tip to separate the two spaces without dividing them. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"