The hammock, for a relaxing break inside and out

The hammock, for a relaxing break inside and out

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An object of comfort and relaxation, the hammock, originally from Central America, has, for a few years, conquered the other side of the Atlantic. Presentation of an exotic base which has revolutionized the time for idleness and napping. The Yucatecs and indigenous peoples, long before us, took a nap on the canvas suspended between two anchor points called "hammock". To rest in the air sheltered from insects and to guarantee an unequaled comfort for the back: such was their motivation by weaving by hand, this flexible and solid mesh at the same time. Since then, the famous seat has made its way. Christopher Columbus brought it back from his long journey, and centuries later, we find it in our gardens, on our terraces and in our interiors. If you are looking for a hammock, discover our selection of hammocks in the Deco shop. Discover our slideshow on hammocks and an article on how to choose your hammock?

Canvases for all styles

From its Native American origin, the hammock has kept an exotic, cheerful and colorful style. However, its traditionally hand-made net is increasingly diversified to meet all expectations. After macramé, cotton or nylon, more innovative materials make up the canvas, such as parachute silk which gives the hammock an ultra light structure, easy to transport. As for style, those who love this seat for its tropical side will adopt the most widespread look in South America: the handcrafted and multicolored hammock. You can choose an airy mesh net to refresh or, on the contrary, tight and as a bonus, decorative Brazilian-style borders. Others, favoring its practical and comfortable aspect, will opt for a hammock in sober tones with cushion and integrated interior pocket to enjoy the cool summer evenings.

The hammock, a practical and functional seat

Since the time when the Yucatecs rested there, the queen of relaxation has been considerably modernized to offer more features. Foldable, it becomes nomadic. As a chair suspended on a base, from a beam or from the ceiling, it invites itself inside to offer a corner of rest in summer and winter. Equipped with a seat belt, it welcomes toddlers. Finally, with a support, no need to find two sufficiently close trees, we place it where we want!

Useful information

Many websites specialize in the sale of hammocks: Amazonas, ... In terms of prices, there is something for all budgets: from € 25 for the single canvas up to € 250. Regarding the hammock seat, it takes 60 €. Note that the prestigious Hästens brand has just released a hammock at 194 €, because napping is also a luxury!