Wood paneling: a naturally decorative wall covering

Wood paneling: a naturally decorative wall covering

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Paneling wooden walls means taking sides for an aesthetic decor with natural charm. Depending on the installation and the color chosen, the paneling changes style to satisfy all tastes and desires. Presentation.

The wooden paneling in all its forms

Not only is the wooden paneling a good insulator, but on the decorative side, it adapts to all atmospheres. Indeed, this wall covering in fir, pine or spruce is available in different colors. In a seaside interior, you will easily choose white-tinted paneling while to assert a chic decor, we will be more oriented towards beige or purple paneling. For more authenticity, it is better to opt for natural wood or aged wood paneling, which is even more rustic. Gray paneling is ideal for contemporary interiors. Regarding the finish, smooth or rough, it's up to you!

The installation of wooden paneling: vertical, horizontal or diagonal

Certainly, the color of the paneling sets the tone. But not only ! The choice of pose has a lot to do with the final result. Traditionally, the panels are aligned vertically, but it is also possible to align them horizontally and even vertically to give even more movement to the walls. This is how wood takes on a designer look… Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"