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The lounge chair, an essential piece of outdoor furniture

The lounge chair, an essential piece of outdoor furniture

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Synonymous with idleness, the lounge chair appears as the essential outdoor furniture to enjoy the beautiful days. It gives our balconies and gardens holiday air and invites us to relax. To learn all about the lounge chair, follow the guide!

Where is she from ?

From 1928, Le Corbusier became interested in the lounge chair and drew the icon of the genre. The LC4 is then the object to have to have a fashionable interior. A reissue of this model is available, in particular on the site. But before the classic lounge chair, on which you can rest your feet, it is the deckchair that floods the beaches with the arrival of paid holidays. At the time, we find a foldable version, in fabric and striped. The deckchair is available today in a wide variety of colors and dares to use flashy colors, such as the canvas and wood model of the site.

What materials?

The materials used make it possible to design designer or contemporary models, on which one can easily fall asleep. Because to be a success, the lounge chair must be ultra comfortable, while marrying the ergonomics of the body. We find models in teak, plastic, fabric, aluminum, neoprene, braided or slatted. Branex Design also offers inflatable lounge chairs, in tribute to Quasar Khanh furniture from the 70s. Solid, light chairs that don't lack air, to shop on the website.

Where to find it? At what price ?

You will find several collections of garden loungers at Fermob, the specialist in colorful outdoor furniture, from around 200 euros. For design enthusiasts with a fairly large budget, visit the site which offers a wide choice of lounge chairs, from the ultra graphic model to the woven plastic chair inspired by African creations, including Lafuma deckchairs at a very low price. You will also find for all budgets models of lounge chairs in department stores specializing in decoration. Particularly at Fly, with the Slinky at 299 euros, for the interior of the house; or at Castorama, with very designer models from around 40 euros.