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Smart storage for the living room

Smart storage for the living room

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A key piece for relaxation and TV breaks, the lounge is also the place where you receive your guests. But for trinkets, DVDs, books, coffee tables and seats to take up space without cluttering it up, the solution is simple: you just have to bet on smart storage. The golden rule of a warm living room where you feel good is a tidy living room. Since this space includes library, TV corner and aperitif, we say no to the cables lying around, to an overflow of trinkets arranged everywhere and to the piles where books, DVDs and CDs of PlayStation mix. Make way for clever storage which gives this central living room a clean and unobstructed look, and which facilitates storage.

Clever furniture suitable for storage

Are you looking for a TV stand? Choose one with drawers and lockers where your film collection will be well classified, and where you can store consoles and video games. On the side of coffee tables, several models are very practical. Whether the tray is liftable to hide a storage space or drawers are included in the table, the ideal is that we install the dishes for aperitifs. The foundations are no exception to the rule! This is particularly the case of stools or chest poufs.

Use the recesses in height and under the stairs

What if we didn't take advantage of all the nooks and crannies to store decorative accessories, books and trinkets? Wall shelves or box shelves are ideal for these space saving missions. The other tip to maximize storage? Use the edge of the chimney and make a shelf. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"