How to defrost a freezer without scratching?

How to defrost a freezer without scratching?

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Maintenance essential for its proper functioning, defrosting the freezer should not be taken lightly. And if you think that the frost has no consequences on the device, you are mistaken. Because, in addition to damaging your refrigerator and reducing its life expectancy, frost leads to an overconsumption of energy sometimes reaching 30 to 40% of energy surplus. So many reasons that push us to take defrosting seriously. And because a refrigerator must be pampered, we avoid damaging it by scratching its walls. Discover all the steps to defrost a freezer without scratching.

Prepare the defrost upstream:

The maintenance of a refrigerator must be carried out once or twice a year to ensure its proper functioning. When that time has come, you must start by emptying it. In winter, you can store your food outdoors if temperatures are negative. The rest of the time, remember to bring coolers so as not to lose your food. Be careful not to cut the cold chain! Once the content is empty, turn off your device or put it in standby mode. Prepare mops and other cloths to position inside the compartment, take out a basin and place it at the foot of your freezer to collect the water that it will expel.

The different steps :

Once the defrost has been prepared, all you have to do is get to work. Or rather to make your refrigerator work itself. The trick is to boil water in a large pan and place it inside the center of the compartment for about 15 minutes (or more if necessary). Remember to place your pot of boiling water on a trivet or on a cloth so as not to damage the interior of your appliance. You are now ready to defrost your freezer and make it sweat. The water vapors and heat it gives off will then work for you, melting the ice naturally. You just have to wait ... If despite the hot water vapors, the frost persists, you can use a spray bottle to fill with boiling water. Spray the areas of the ice layer directly and rub in order to speed up the defrosting process. Avoid using knives or other sharp instruments to scrape and peel off the pieces of ice, you risk puncturing the walls of your refrigerator and thus rendering it useless. If really, you need a little help to peel off a piece of ice, use a wooden or plastic spatula.

And after ?

Once defrosting is finished, take the opportunity to clean the interior of your freezer compartment. It would be a shame to stop there. Mix one volume of white vinegar with three volumes of water by adding a little lemon juice. Sprinkle your preparation and rub on the walls of the device to eliminate the bacteria present. The good news ? In addition to fighting microbes, this natural solution is ideal for deodorizing your refrigerator. Remember to clean the seals on your device. The opportunity also to check their good tightness. Because if they are damaged, they lead to overconsumption of the device. Result? In addition to losing energy and savings, defrosting will have to be done more often. You might as well change the seals right away. To make sure the seals are good, slide a sheet of paper, close the refrigerator door and try to move it. If the sheet moves easily, the seals have to be changed!