The wooden crate: a very trendy decorative accessory!

The wooden crate: a very trendy decorative accessory!

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1. Living room furniture

It's the easiest way to use wooden crates in your home. Stack them on top of each other and create a storage unit for the living room. To give rhythm to your decoration, do not hesitate to paint the crates in different colors and patterns!

2. A night table

If the crate rages in our interiors, it is because it has the capacity to become a piece of furniture without effort. But above all because it is economical! This room, where the crates serve as a bedside table, is proof of this. Here, the crates accumulate offering a relaxed rendering. For a minimalist and modern style, a single crate is enough on each side of the bed.

3. A side table

Are you short of space for a dining area? The crates fold in 4 (or rather split) to offer you a small side table. Attach them well to each other to prevent your furniture from moving and add a plate (of the material of your choice) to the top for the table. All you have to do is fix it against a wall and add one or two seats!

4. Furniture for the child's bedroom

The advantage of the crates is that they are modular as desired. And in the child's bedroom, they prove to be very practical. Just like this inspiration where the crates are used to create an adorable miniature desk but also storage shelves! Do not forget to sand and treat the wood to avoid small accidents.

5. An office library

Due to their size and depth, wooden crates make excellent bookcases. Place them horizontally to store small books and vertically for binders and large books. What you easily create practical storage in the office ...

6. Kitchen storage

After the bedrooms, the living room, and the office, it is the kitchen's turn to welcome the famous wooden crates. And as always, they make interesting storage modules. Kitchen utensils and linen, spices and condiments, jars and bottles… All of them find their place easily.

7. Plant decoration

What could be better than plants to awaken the essence of the wood in your crates? The bucolic and feminine-inspired interiors will bet on flowers to decorate the interior of the crates. As for the modern style interiors, it is the succulents and cacti that will create a plant staging in the crates.

8. A coffee table

We finish in the living room with this coffee table made with wooden crates. And once again, they know how to be daring. Arranged in anyone, they form storage niches in addition to a coffee table. You can even customize it by adding casters and a tray!