10 pieces of furniture for a stylish entry

10 pieces of furniture for a stylish entry

Because it is the first room to be discovered in a house, the entrance hall should set the tone for the atmosphere that reigns in your interior. To arrange it in the state of the art, we have selected our favorite furniture for you. Dresser, trolley, seats, chest, wooden crates… Get inspired and find the ideal furniture to give style to your entry!

1. A traditional dresser

To arrange an entry without false note, nothing more simple! Just install a traditional dresser that you can repaint and customize for a more personalized look. Here, the dresser has been repainted in red to mark the spirits. Nothing also prevents you from changing the knobs and handles of furniture for an even more modern look!

2. Foundations

It is THE type of furniture to favor to establish a friendly atmosphere at the entrance. It must be said, the seats are an ode to comfort and warm, by themselves, the decor of this room. And to do this, all shots are allowed. From the simple bistro chair to the ultra-designer armchair, including suspended seats… Each type of decoration has its own type of seat!

3. Cubes

Whether modular or merged with each other, cubes are large storage spaces in an entry. Left as they are, they welcome your shoes and decorated with small baskets, they allow you to store all your accessories ... A simple solution that always has its effect!

4. A cart

To change classic hallway furniture, this trolley does not lack advantages! Not only, it does not go unnoticed and gives character to the entry but in addition, it allows a lot of storage. You can install shelves with a few baskets and even a wardrobe to hang your jackets. An atypical idea that will perfectly cut any industrial style interior and flea market spirit.

5. A wicker trunk

For a country house-style entry, we could not find better than this wicker trunk! With its cozy and authentic look, the vegetable fiber trunk gives a warm and friendly air as soon as you walk through the door of your house. Add a coat rack, a large mirror and voila!

6. A row of peps

Give a boost to your entry by choosing a piece of furniture with vibrant and dynamic colors. Like this entry where a simple row of mint green color is enough to set the tone. We like the combination with the black and white checkered floor for a resolutely retro result.

7. A bench

Back on the school benches with this old school and family entry. Here, a simple bench installed below a coat rack makes it possible to take on (shoes) easily. We also love the boot rack with its original design and the carpet, an essential accessory to give a warm side to an entrance!

8. Wooden crates

Adept of recuperated solutions, this handmade and economical entry piece of furniture should please you. The idea is to recover old wooden crates to make an original piece of furniture for the entrance. The advantage is that you can assemble them as you see fit and thus create the furniture that suits you!

9. A wooden chest

Is your entrance lengthy and looks like a small hallway? If you do not have much room to install large furniture, the trunk is a great alternative. All in length, it highlights the depth of your room. We like it in wood for a natural decoration but which does not lack character!

10. An indoor planter

Do you like interiors with minimalist and refined decor? If you want to decorate your entrance hall without cluttering it, forget the big furniture. Conversely, bet on a piece of furniture with clean and graphic lines like this indoor planter on foot with a rectilinear design.