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Old rose: how to use it in its interior?

Old rose: how to use it in its interior?

A touch of old rose in a welcoming living room

Old rose in a living room? Easy ! The color goes perfectly with the Scandinavian trend, adds a cozy note to an industrial decor, is divine with beige or gray and perfect with black and white, trendy with blue or chic with green. In other words, to miss a old rose decor in the living room, it's difficult. The simplest method? We sow color by touches, especially on textiles, from plaids to cushions through curtains, without worrying too much if the decorative accessories do not have exactly the same tone of pink. And a few candle jars or a pretty bouquet of flowers can't hurt, either.

The old rose shade in a designer kitchen

No one will stop you from paint a wall in old pink in the kitchen, especially since the result can be frankly successful. To minimize the risk of decorative faux pas, on the other hand, we still advise you to bet on simplicity with accessories rather than an accent wall! In a white and black kitchen, with wood or even an ultra-trendy petrol blue, the old rose softens, warms and personalizes. Exit the kitchen too cold restaurant style, this faded rose sublimates everything, especially when it is combined on a kettle or stoves, mugs or vases, in tray or dishes.

A romantic old rose room

What could be more cocooning than an adult bedroom in a symphony of roses? Especially since the old rose color is almost indestructible in the night space, with its patinated effect, soft and warm at the same time. This time, we do not hesitate to paint a wall or play shades, by accumulating decorative objects or even furniture in old pink tones. Upholstered headboard, designer floor lamp, sleek bedside table, soft pillow or soft bed linen, we dare everything! As for those who would prefer more simplicity, sheets or a bedspread matching a Scandinavian armchair have their effect in a white and wood bedroom.

The old rose color in a retro bathroom

And if we created an original, retro and welcoming bathroom with a beautiful old rose paint ? The secret is to repaint a nice country-style piece of furniture, put an immaculate basin in it and choose an elegant fitting. With some wicker accessories, flowers and bathroom linen, guaranteed decor effect. The little extra? A round mirror above the custom piece of furniture to accentuate the country boudoir style. As for pushing the decor a little further, we also adopt shades: a purple shower curtain, a plum wall and a pale pink towel, that's how to transform the bathroom into a bubblegum dream!

Old rose in a cozy children's room

Yes, the old rose color can also be adapted to a childlike atmosphere. Precisely, in a child's room, it brings softness, warmth and originality to soothe the pissed off little ones ... We won't lie to you, some boys are still reluctant. For the others, we adopt the old rose on the walls, we marry it with white and a string of gray, fluffy carpets and light garlands: the atmosphere is in turn studious, comfortable and conducive to daydreaming, the must for babies, small or teens!