Freestanding bathtub: advantages and disadvantages

Freestanding bathtub: advantages and disadvantages

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The advantages of a freestanding bathtub

One of the first advantages of a free-standing bathtub is the style it instills in the bathroom. Perched on its feet, it gives a royal and majestic look to the room. Often placed in the center of the room, it is the central element of the space, the one that you notice immediately and which is enough in itself to set the tone. It is a bit of a work of art in short. Besides, nothing prevents you from installing it in any room of the house! Close to a bed in a master bedroom or near a fireplace for a cocooning atmosphere at will - due to its independence - the free-standing bathtub allows all fantasies!

For all these reasons, the free-standing bathtub is a source of inspiration for many designers who have as much fun with the forms as with the materials. Oval, square, rectangular, round, asymmetrical ... The freestanding bathtub has no limits. As for the choice of coating, it is the same thing. They are found in resin, cast iron, acrylic and many more. So many possibilities that allow you to choose a free-standing bathtub according to its decorative style. Retro interiors will fall for oval models with lion paws while fans of contemporary decor will prefer minimalist and rectangular models.

Beyond the aesthetics, the freestanding bathtub eliminates junctions and thus avoids mold. Its maintenance is therefore easier than a traditional bathtub. More time to relax and less cleaning? We say yes!

The disadvantages of a claw-foot bathtub

It's a fact, the freestanding bathtub is more expensive than a traditional bathtub. And this, for a simple reason: it requires some work and therefore additional costs in addition to its purchase price. Indeed, installing a freestanding bathtub requires an extension of the pipes. If this work is not complicated, it still takes a few days and a certain budget to hide the water supply and drainage pipes under the floor covering. The right idea? Position its free-standing bathtub on a platform. Not only, it will be even more highlighted but in addition, it allows you to hide everything below without having to do heavy work at ground level.

Another disadvantage of the free-standing bathtub: its need for space! And yes, not everyone is lucky enough to have a large area in their bathroom. To install it, you must provide a circulation space of approximately 90 cm all around or at least on one side. And it's already not bad!

Finally, the configuration of this type of bathtub is not the most practical as for the storage of beauty products. Provide a shelf to place on top, shelves or other storage niches within easy reach to avoid having to get up once installed in your bath. It would be a shame to spoil your moment of royal relaxation, right?