Which paint to choose and how to apply it?

Which paint to choose and how to apply it?

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Hélène's question


Answer: acrylic paint for the entire interior and glycerophthalic paint for the water features

Hello Hélène, you would like our advice on the paints to use in your new home and on the ideal way to paint. First of all, there are 3 families of paints (acrylic, glycerophthalic and specific) which come in 3 finishes: mat, satin, gloss. For all of your interior, I recommend that you use acrylic paint (satin finish) which is odorless, dries quickly, can be cleaned with water and contains little or no solvent, which makes it "ecologically correct". It can be cleaned with water but in no case washed. It is for this reason that I recommend for the bathrooms and the kitchen glycero paints which will be more resistant to humidity and household products, therefore washable! As for the painting technique, you will have to start with the angles on 5 to 10 cm with a brush and then proceed to large applications with a roller, removing the excess on the brush and stretching the paint horizontally from first then vertically. For the ceiling, have a step ladder and a telescopic handle. After the 1st coat and after drying, a 2nd coat of paint will be required. Good luck with your work!