Office layout: 5 mistakes to avoid

Office layout: 5 mistakes to avoid

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1. Don't worry about the light

Whether natural or artificial, the light should be optimal in an office. Avoid installing your desk back to the window to avoid reflections on the screen. Conversely, place your desk facing the window to take full advantage of natural light without being disturbed. And if the sun is too strong, consider investing in blinds or curtains!

As for artificial light, a good desk lamp is essential! The ideal is lighting with an articulated arm so that you can direct the light where you want and thus avoid tiring your eyes. In addition to this, multiply the light sources by adding accent lamps in several places of the office.

2. Neglecting the seat

Fall for an office chair with a neat design more than practical? What a great mistake! Because even if the look of the seat is important in this room, comfort comes first! We advise you to choose a mobile model if you work long hours behind your desk. In the same way, it is better to provide a chair with armrests to promote a good sitting position. And for even more comfort, think of a footstool! You will see, being well seated will help you find the inspiration you were missing ...

3. Do not define your office space

We are not all lucky enough to have a room dedicated to the office in our accommodation. If you need to make your office space coexist with another room in the house (bedroom, living room, landing on the floor, etc.), consider delimiting each space according to their functions. For this, you can install interior partitions like a mini canopy or even use storage furniture to separate the office from the rest of the room. The idea is to be able to create a bubble and thus have a fully-fledged workspace!

4. Not providing enough storage space

If there is one room that needs to be well organized, it is the office! Between administrative papers, children's school records, work documents ... Storage must be well thought out so as not to leave anything to chance. Bookcases, shelves, baskets and boxes… There is no shortage of solutions. Likewise, don't forget the organizational solutions. We think, for example, of mood boards and other wall or perforated panels that allow you to have all your office accessories close at hand!

5. Leaving the decor

It's a fact, a well-decorated office is an office that promotes productivity and efficiency at work. It's a matter of logic! Because if your office is ergonomic, comfortable and pleasant, you will find motivation more easily! In this sense, treat yourself with decorative accessories. Remember that colors play an important role in the mood of the room. It is said that green would have tranquilizing effects while purple would be stimulating and a source of creativity! It's up to you to choose what suits you best ...