How to properly light your garden?

How to properly light your garden?

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Lighting up your garden to enjoy it at night is the wish of most French people. But given the multitude of products, it is not always easy to make the right choices. Jeremy Parot, head of the Garden, Decors and Containers department at Truffaut gives us his advice. Interview by Caroline Delman

What should you think about before going into garden lighting?

Before going to a store, it is very useful to take measurements of your garden and identify the places you want to light. Thus, once in the presence of the seller, we can estimate the length of cables required and the type of suitable luminaires.

What is the current supply of garden lighting?

Regarding bulbs, there are three categories: incandescent, halogen and led. The most powerful bulbs are currently halogens and the most economical in the long term are LEDs. Regarding the different types of lighting, there are beacons or posts, spotlights, and lighting decoration such as string lights or lanterns.

What are the places of the garden to favor in terms of lighting and how to light them?

First think of the markup that structures the garden. So you can put beacons on the ground along a path or around a terrace or a pool. For the passages on which the car drives choose beacons which support its weight. You can choose electric or solar LED bulbs because the marking of a path does not require a high power. The beds can also be lit, which gives relief to the garden. The spots are ideal for this function. You can choose either a powerful unidirectional spot or several directional spots (the directional pots are generally less powerful). In terms of power, the halogen is the best, but the LEDs are slowly catching up. Regarding the trees, choose the thickest and most impressive and light them up with spotlights. Direct the light towards the trunk of the tree and the underside of the foliage. The lighting decorations are then to be arranged according to the tastes of each. Usually, they are suspended around the terrace or pergola.

What are the recent developments in garden lighting?

LEDs are undeniably the future of lighting thanks to the energy savings they generate and their long-term profitability. Solar energy has also been booming for 3 or 4 years. It must currently be intended only for beaconing because it does not really light up. But solar energy is gradually increasing its performance and should gradually find its place in the garden.