I change my heating, what aid am I entitled to?

I change my heating, what aid am I entitled to?

The Heating Boost Bonus

It is also called Boiler conversion bonus, and this is the descendant of the Premium Boost Energy Savings. Whatever its name, it is capped according to income and intended to replace a boiler or coal-fired heating equipment. It ranges from 500 to 4000 € depending on the resources of the home or the work planned.

The energy transition tax credit

The energy transition tax credit, or ISCED for friends, is probably the best known of the financial aid for renovation works energy. Do you know him for changing windows or insulating roof spaces? It can also reduce the bill for certain heating equipment by 30%, excluding installation costs, if the work is carried out by a recognized environmental guarantor (RGE). Without means test, it is capped according to the resources of the household and concerns only the main residences.

Eco loan at zero rate

More than financial aid, the zero rate loan or PTZ is a loan intended to finance the installation, replacement or installation of certain heating systems offering good energy performance. For example ? Solar heaters or heat pumps. Since this is a loan, it is granted by the bank upon presentation of the quote, repayable over 15 years and without interest. Be careful, you will still need borrower insurance!

Reduced VAT

Reduced rate VAT is an eco-gesture that lowers the price of certain equipment or facilities that improve thermal performance of a main dwelling. The products that benefit from it are therefore subject to a Value Added Tax of 5.5%, against 20% usually. And the measure also applies to certain hot water installations such as thermodynamic or solar water heaters.

Aid from the ANAH

The ANAH is the National Housing Agency, at the origin of the Habiter Mieux program offering subsidies and funding to the most modest households. The goal ? Fight against fuel poverty. The result is a real support program, from energy balance to subsidies, capped according to income and intended for owners of old housing for work carried out by RGE craftsmen.

The energy voucher

Among the most recent financial boost, the energy check is a check from 48 to 277 € given to the most modest households. More often used to settle gas or electricity bills, it can also be given to an EGR professional to pay all or part of a thermal renovation work invoice!

Energy premiums

The Energy premium is awarded as part of the CEE device or Energy Efficient Certificate, by the energy suppliers themselves. To take advantage of it, we turn to them, therefore, the amounts being very variable depending on resources, works and places.

The other aids

Certain pension funds, certain local or regional authorities also offer aid in the event of thermal renovation works. We do not hesitate to inquire before starting the work, since it is often necessary to submit requests or files before accepting the quote. Under certain conditions, the public finance center of the municipality can also accept exemption from all or part of the property tax following the work. Again, we inquire. And for more details on the possible aid and cumulation for a particular project, we rush to question a financial aid simulator!