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How to choose an inflatable mattress?

How to choose an inflatable mattress?


Ask yourself the following question: what will it be used for? Indeed, if you are looking for a mattress to go camping or to help out when you are receiving people, it is clear that the use is not the same. On the other hand, if you are only looking to get an inflatable mattress for your pool, the choice will focus on the price for most or the aesthetics for some.


Another criterion of choice, the dimensions. Once the use has been determined, decide on the size of mattress you want to buy (width and length). If it is for a guest bedroom, measure your room and leave a space around it to circulate. If it is for camping this summer, opt for a thin mattress, taking up no space, easy to store and take out. Also determine the number of places, do you need a 2 place to accommodate your best friend and her boyfriend when they come to spend the weekend at your house or rather a 1 place mattress or 2 1 place mattresses so that the children can invite their friends to sleep. Finally, prefer a mattress with a thickness of less than 20 cm for camping, up to 35 cm for occasional use and up to 60 cm to best imitate a real bed.

Inflation type

By mouth, with a pump (foot or hand) or with an electric inflator, there are several types of inflation. Although inflating your mattress by mouth is the most economical solution, it is still preferable to opt for one of the 2 other solutions. The electric inflator is the most practical solution because the mattress inflates in a few minutes without getting tired. It is also the most expensive solution and requires a socket nearby. The best option may therefore prove to be the manual inflator. By hand or foot, inflate your mattress quickly without the need for electricity. If sometimes the inflator is sold with the inflatable mattress, this is not always the case, so remember to inquire before buying the mattress.


It is clear that if you had planned to redo the guest bedroom but you do not want to invest in the panoply of bed frame, box spring, mattress, the inflatable mattress can prove to be an excellent alternative. And today there is a large choice of models, ranging from the most basic to the most design. Various colors, with or without headboard, some look like a real bed!

Comfort and resistance

One of the essential criteria when choosing your inflatable mattress is of course comfort. And who says comfort, says thickness. Do not buy without trying! Visit several specialized stores and test several models. You will know immediately which model is comfortable or not. And then comfort also goes through resistance. No one wants to find their deflated mattress in the middle of the night. Some have a PVC bottom, which solidifies and increases the life of your mattress.


Weight is an aspect to take into account especially if your mattress is mainly used for camping. Better to carry a featherweight on your back rather than 3kg just a mattress.


Obviously, the price is one of the criteria to be defined. If you have a camping budget, and you do not want to exceed it, you will not put more than € 100 in a mattress, even less if it is to camp once a year. On the other hand, if the inflatable mattress is intended for a guest bedroom, there you can invest a little more and orient yourself on the models a little more upscale.


The guarantee of your inflatable mattress can also be a decisive criterion. Choose a mattress guaranteed for 5 years rather than a model that is only guaranteed for one year. However, find out correctly what the warranty covers. Sometimes we have nice surprises!