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How to choose the right blue paint?

How to choose the right blue paint?

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Light or dark blue paint?

Whatever the shade of paint chosen, blue evokes the sky and the sea, which is to say that the color is ideal for adding a touch of naturalness to our interiors. On the other hand, the result will not be the same depending on the intensity of the blue, in other words, depending on whether it is a light blue or a dark blue ... and as a rule, the more the blue is clear, the brighter and fresher the result, not to say cold if the room does not lend itself to it. The right measure? We choose the intensity of his blue paint depending on the room and the desired ambiance.

A pale blue paint is ideal for a calm atmosphere, and if the room lacks warmth, warms gently with pastel colors or wooden furniture. It is often favored in bedrooms, for children and adults.

A medium blue paint, more assertive, gives character to bedrooms or bathrooms. For a marine or aquatic atmosphere, we combine it with white, beige, light or dark wood, even a touch of coral red.

About the dark blue paint, it is the most essential of the moment: at the top of all trends, navy or petrol blue are acclaimed in the living room, the kitchen or the dining room. Full of character, original without overdoing it, they are easier to adopt than black or dark gray but just as refined. And their depth offers a less cold result than with an ice blue paint!

A cold blue or hot blue paint?

We told you that the blue paint was cold paint ? True. This does not prevent it from existing in an infinite variety of shades, like all colors, and from offering blues that are cooler than others! Do not panic, we explain to you. Blue itself is a cool color, yellow is a warm color. A pure blue or mixed with blue is therefore an entirely cold color. Add a touch of yellow to blue, you get a turquoise blue or duck ultra-trendy… and above all, a warmer blue than the others.

The more neutral and cool the color, the more it leans towards serenity, the more it is lively and warm, the more it leans towards creativity. To bring vitality and dynamism to a room, therefore, we rather choose a bright blue. If the intention is, on the contrary, to create a soothing atmosphere, slate blue is perfect. Is the atmosphere cocooning oriented? We favor turquoises which draw towards green, to mix with decorative objects with warmer colors. As for the modern atmospheres of glass and metal, they perfectly accompany gray blues and minerals !

What finishes for a blue paint?

As with any paint color, choose a blue paint requires thinking about the destination room. To begin with, is it a damp or dry room? Wet rooms, in other words bathrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, require a special paint adapted to the humidity level of the room.

Second step, finishing: you will have to choose between matt, satin or gloss paint. A piece of furniture to repaint in blue? The glossy paint, resistant and washable, is often the most suitable. For walls, on the other hand, we avoid, the glossy finish catching the light and highlighting all the faults. In this case satin paint is the most common solution. With an intermediate rendering, it is durable, bright just right and generally washable. The mat paint, meanwhile, offers the most luxurious rendering, with its velvety effect that erases all the defects of the wall ... but in return, it is much more fragile and often little or not washable. We reserve it for portions of the wall that are difficult to access unless we are vigilant, and we avoid it with children!