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2019 trends that will remain in 2020

2019 trends that will remain in 2020

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1. The green trend is essential

For several seasons already, nature has imposed itself in all our interiors. The environment being at the heart of all concerns, the green trend is more than a trend, it is a common need to go back to basics. In decoration, this translates into a prominence of raw materials and plant fibers. On furniture, wood remains a must, just like rattan and wicker. On the ground, we see more and more natural fibers like hemp or even cork! As for small decorative accessories, we favor quality over quantity and focus on local crafts. As for the colors to adopt, what could be more natural than green? The latter comes in sublime shades and goes perfectly with earthy hues like ocher or terracotta. And of course, we do not forget to multiply indoor plants!

2. The vintage trend is intensifying

It is well known, fashion is an eternally new beginning. In decoration, it's the same thing! And in 2020, the vintage trend will make us vibrate again and again! In practice, the idea is to draw a few elements from yesteryear to bring them up to date. A trend that also focuses on sustainability with the second hand which encourages us to hunt around and collect old objects to make new ones. Thus, we will see again in the coming seasons the caning to dress our furniture, the brass to sparkle on our lights and the velvet to warm our seats and our cushions. What revive the nostalgic of the retro and Art Deco years ...

3. The bohemian trend is reinventing itself

Embodying the hippie spirit, the bohemian trend embodies a wind of freedom in our interiors. And this is not to displease us! For several years now, it has given pride of place to distant interiors with ethnic patterns and prints from elsewhere. In 2020, the bohemian trend is reinvented and becomes the neo-ethnic trend. On the program: wax fabric in African colors, juju hat as a wall decoration (hat from the Bamileke ethnic group from Cameroon), wallpaper and tableware with Chinese motifs, hand-woven baskets from Asia as a planter, oriental Berber carpets on the floors as on the walls ... As you can see, the bohemian trend continues its world tour in 2020!