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How to restore bulking to a pillow?

How to restore bulking to a pillow?

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Tip 1: The choice of material

Before wondering how to restore the loft to your pillow, everything goes through the choice of material of it. And we advise you not to neglect this aspect because you will spend time in your bed! In fact, we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, so we might as well equip ourselves. A pillow can be made of cotton, feathers, microfibers ... In any case, prefer a fairly dense filling to avoid ending up with foam-free spots in your pillow. Dense but at the same time soft since your head must sink into it but not too much either, so that you are comfortably supported.

Tip # 2: Washing with tennis balls

Once your pillow is well chosen, when you feel it loses its bulkiness, do not hesitate to machine pass it from time to time. If we wash all our sheets and duvet covers regularly and bring our duvet once or twice a year to the laundry, we very often forget, see constantly, our pillows. True mite nests like the rest of our bed linen, the pillows need to be washed regularly. In addition to scouring them, passing them on the machine with tennis balls will distribute the material inside and give them a nice look.

Tip # 3: Dry flat

Once energetically washed with tennis balls, make sure dry your pillows flat (avoid hanging them so as not to pack the foam down). After distributing the material as much as possible inside the pillow by tapping on it so that small balls do not form, spread the pillows flat and wait until they are dry before putting them back their pillowcases! Thanks to this tip, there is no need to change your pillows every 4 mornings.

Tip n ° 4: Distribution of the foam each morning

Every morning, when you make your bed, give little energetic taps over the entire surface of the pillow and shake it to distribute the foam and prevent it from making packages. You will have a nice, well-made bed and inflated pillows, ready to welcome you that evening. The pillow should be soft when you find your bed!

Tip 5: Sun exposure

As soon as the opportunity arises, expose your pillow to the sun. This will do him good and will help him find his lump. In addition, the heat will dry your pillow because between the possible traces of drooling or perspiration, it can sometimes be a little damp. Drying it in the sun will also make it fresher and more pleasant when you put your head on it.

Tip # 6: Find the right size pillowcase

Finally, the pillowcase will also play its role.If it is too small, it can suffocate the pillow and therefore cause it to lose its bulk. So when you choose your pillowcases, you make sure that they are a few centimeters wider that these, so what they can breathe. Once the pillows have recovered, they prefer pillowcases made of soft materials such as cotton where thelinen