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How to recycle your wedding flowers?

How to recycle your wedding flowers?

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By distributing them to the guests

When preparing for D-Day, it is best toanticipate the recycling of your decor, especially your flowers. If the dishes, tablecloths and some decorative items will be brought home, what will you do with all the flowers that have served to embellish and perfume your place? Because a wedding without flowers does not exist! Think of make small bouquets in pots, vases, on the table ... so that once the ceremony is over, the guests who wish can leave with a small souvenir. On the one hand, this will save you from throwing three-quarters of your flowers, on the other, your guests will be delighted to keep some flowers from your wedding.

Potted rotten

Even if you give your guests a few bouquets of flowers, you may want to keep some as a souvenir of your wedding. To store them decoratively, nothing could be simpler than turning it into a bad pot. Detach the petals from your flowers, dry them and then place them in a basket or a pretty pot in the hallway, on the living room or dining room table for example. Spray them regularly with a sweet smell to perfume your interior.

In a transparent glass box

Another solution for recycling your wedding flowers: place them in a transparent glass box. Same principle as for potpourri, dry your petals and distribute them so as to cover the bottom of the box. Then place this beautiful transparent box on your coffee table or on a shelf in your living room or bedroom, so that you can contemplate it whenever you want.

Around a photo frame

An original idea to recycle your flowers is to paste them all around your photo for example. Petalswill beautify and bring out the photo ! Do not hesitate to keep the stems for even more charm. Clever isn't it?

Under a glass bell

Like Sleeping Beauty, store your flowers under a glass bell. This idea duplicates: from a decorative point of view, thea bell will embellish your interior and emotionally, it will remind you of nice memories. If you want to keep your entire bridal bouquet, dry it upside down for several days and then attach it under the bell.

In a jar

A very simple way but which we don't necessarily think about: collect our flowers in a glass jar. With or without lid, then place the jar filled with petals on a wall shelf for example or in the center of the table. For more originality, keep some of your whole flowers to mix petals and flower heads. Whenever you contemplate this jar filled with flowers, it will remind you of good memories.

Herbarium style

In a glass frame that you hang on one of your walls or that you display on a shelf or other, make a nice assortment of your flowersthen wedge them between the 2 panes. It is a great way to decorate your home while keeping an eye on the flowers of the happiest day of your life. The rendering is canon and the idea very original, isn't it?

In the photo album

Finally, what do you think of some flowers dried and sprinkled in your photo album of marriage ? Each time you open it, you will remember all those beautiful flowers that adorned your ballroom. In addition, it will personalize your album and make it unique!