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How to avoid streaks when cleaning a ceiling?

How to avoid streaks when cleaning a ceiling?

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How to avoid streaks when cleaning a yellowed ceiling?

A ceiling yellowed by time is not inevitable and can be easily cleaned. Before any cleaning operation, it is important to know whether the paint on the ceiling is washable or not.

In case the ceiling paint is washable, we proceed to a simple cleaning with soapy water. First, you put tarpaulins on your furniture, your floor and your light fixtures to protect them, then cut the electric current. We then brush the ceiling with a soft bristle brush to remove the dust. Then prepare warm soapy water with Marseille soap. We soak the sponge of a telescopic broom and comes to rub his ceiling energetically, working in small areas. It is done ? Finally, the ceiling is rinsed with clear water, still using the telescopic sponge mop. The cleaning is repeated if the result is not satisfactory.
In case the ceiling paint is not washable, do not use soapy water at the risk of damaging the paint! We prefer clean his ceiling with a magic sponge (that you buy in the trade) or with a wet sponge that has been rubbed with a little clay stone.

How to avoid streaks when cleaning a moldy ceiling?

Same thing for a mold stained ceiling ; cleaning it is not impossible!

If it is a ceiling painted with washable paint, we proceed to a cleaning with lukewarm water and baking soda or lukewarm water with white vinegar (the more traces of mold, the less water must be applied). Same precaution: you cut the power and protect your floor and your furniture. Soak the sponge of a telescopic broom in baking soda water, then vigorously rub the ceiling, working in small areas. We then rinse the ceiling with clean water, still using the telescopic sponge mop. Finally, let the ceiling dry well by ventilating the room.

If it is a ceiling painted with a non-washable paint, we prefer to use a damp sponge with a little baking soda on it. We rub the sponge on the mold stains before rinsing the ceiling with clear water and allow it to dry.

And for a PVC paneling ceiling ? The precautions to be taken are exactly the same as those for a ceiling painted with non-washable paint. No big cleaning with water, we use a damp sponge!

How to prevent yellowing or the appearance of mold on the ceiling?

To prevent the ceiling from turning yellow or moldy, it must bemaintain regularly, at least once a month. To do so, nothing could be simpler: you take a soft bristle broom and wipe your ceiling without pressing. We then attach a clean microfiber cloth to the broom and wipe the ceiling again. Attention, to avoid traces, we think to change the cloth as soon as it is gray / dirty.

For prevent yellowing of the ceiling, you ventilate your rooms every day and avoid as much as possible smoke from tobacco, candles, chimneys or incense; they dirty and foul the ceiling!

For prevent mold from the ceiling, we air our rooms every day and make sure our wet rooms are equipped with aerators. We also leave its doors open as much as possible. Finally, if the mold problem becomes recurrent, we do not hesitate to call a specialist who will diagnose the origin of the humidity problem and propose an adapted treatment.