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Test the paint before launching, it's possible!

Test the paint before launching, it's possible!

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Who has never dreamed of testing all the colors of paint cans to find the shade that would go perfectly with their interior? Yes, but there is a problem, how to test these colors without having to buy whole pots? We have selected three brands that offer you to cleverly test their paintings online for free, or to buy samples.

Save money with Ripolin

The brand offers no less than 78 testers! These are a few centilitres of paint presented in flexible sachets, in other words paint samples across its entire Attitude decorative range. They will allow you to experiment with colors before embarking on an important tint. Ripolin has imagined for the consumer a sample with transparent packaging which gives a first idea of ​​the chosen color. Allow 1.99 euros for a sample. You will then be able to cover 0.25 m2 before deciding fully. Quickly go to the official website: //

Show your talents as a painter on Dulux Valentine

Choose a basic color from an impressive choice of colors. Then you will choose a theme and create your complete, fully personalized color chart. You will be advised and guided during this step to choose a color chart that suits you. The goal is that you find colors for your woodwork, your walls or your accessories. Finally, you will be able to use your color chart to paint a room virtually! Again for the room, you can choose the type of space you want to paint: kitchen, dining room, bedroom ... This will allow you to realize your choice of colors, and of course to make as many modifications to your color chart as you want without spending a dime and especially without spoiling paint. The overview of your murals is very clear. This is a good way to test all the colors that make us happy or that we think of without ever daring to put them on the wall! For more information, visit the website: //

Take the time to choose on Farrow and Ball

This site also offers you to choose your color from a large quantity of proposals and shades of colors, then to apply it virtually on a wall. The online site also offers you to buy samples of pots! Count on average 8 euros for the mini pot. Don't wait any longer to choose the sample of your choice: