Install air conditioning in the attic

Install air conditioning in the attic

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Located under the roof, the attic is subject to greater temperature variations than the rest of a home. Also, after the attic layout, an adequate air conditioning system is a priority to properly heat and / or ventilate this new space. The choice of this system is conditioned by different factors: orientation, roof insulation, volume to be fitted, frequency of use, etc.

The cool solution: classic monoblock and split air conditioners

If you want a device that does not produce heat, mobile air conditioning is a simple way to cool the ambient air in your attic. This air conditioning system can be monobloc (consisting of a unit) or split (consisting of an outdoor and indoor unit). While the monobloc air conditioner is simple to install and constitutes only an auxiliary device, the split is more powerful and can air condition several rooms (multisplit). Technically, these devices are simple to install. For monoblocks: after connection, it suffices simply to pass a sheath outside through the opening of a window. For split, the device can be fixed to the wall or land on the floor.

Reversible air conditioning: two in one

This system also called heat pump makes it possible to produce at the same time hot and cold. It therefore allows air conditioning in summer and provides heat in winter. However, depending on the insulation, this system may not produce enough heat during very cold weather. A professional can then guide you to the additional heating solution if necessary. It is advisable to have this type of device installed by a professional, as several constraints must be respected.