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Choose a skylight

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The charm of the dormers brings a cachet to the facades while being able to increase the surface of a room. They offer a vertical view, ideal for admiring the landscape. The only downside: the skylight requires a roof pitch of 30 ° minimum and its installation is longer and more expensive than the roof window. It also requires a prior declaration at the town hall, or even a building permit._x000D_

_x000D_ Choosing a skylight: regional tradition and architectural balance_x000D_

The different types of dormers have regional influences and their names and shapes depend on them. It is therefore often recommended to draw inspiration from the local model. If it is a question of renovating an old house that has them, then again, it is preferable to keep the original dimensions. However, different types of skylights exist and their installation must take into account the architectural balance of the building._x000D_

The skylights with two or three slopes_x000D_

They are the most widespread. Their hat consists of 2 or 3 slopes. They bear several names: rump or nasturtium skylight (3 slopes), Jacobean skylight (2 slopes), milling skylight (plumb with the facade), re-entrant skylight (set back from the roof)… Depending on the regional tradition, these dormers are masonry or covered with tiles or slates. They are often located on a steep roof and are closed by rectangular windows._x000D_

_x000D_ Dormer windows on a slope

_x000D_ Some dormers use circular shapes such as the bull's-eye (whose window is oval or circular) or the domed dormer (whose roof follows the shape of an arc of a circle). There is also a creeping skylight (1 slight slope) and a sitting dog (the slope of the roof is opposite to that of the main roof). Here your choice depends on the discreet or showy nature of the skylight and its use (ventilation, lighting).