Maintain the sisal

Maintain the sisal

Natural fiber and rather aesthetic, sisal still requires some maintenance. Some precautions must be taken to avoid damaging the floor covering.

Sisal does not support water

No matter how dirty your sisal coating is, it is absolutely unthinkable to put water on the fibers. Other techniques exist to circumvent this requirement. First, powdered products can be found and applied, for example Terre de Sommières, which can optionally be replaced by flour or talc. Dry shampoos are also available for this kind of fiber. If, by accident, water fell on the sisal, with a glass that spills for example, it is essential to mop as deeply as possible. With a dry sponge or a paper towel, the principle is to remove the largest amount of liquid between the braids. Then, with a hair dryer, it is advisable to heat the sisal to finish drying the surface. For this last action, it is advisable to dry from the periphery of the carpet to the center. On the other hand, if a stain appears on the coating, in addition to the powdered products, a clean cloth can be laid and then heated with an iron.

Maintain the sisal: watch out for dust

In addition to water, dust is the second threat to a sisal coating. To avoid the fibers becoming an ordeal for allergy sufferers, it is important to regularly vacuum the sisal and ventilate the room where it is located. It is advisable to have a vacuum cleaner powerful enough to pass between the fibers, sometimes very tight. From time to time, a complete shampoo can be carried out with a special product.