Storing electrical wires

Storing electrical wires

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Store electrical wires in a box

Near the office or the television, the cables are invasive and spoil your interior decoration. A single box can easily accommodate multiple sockets, extension cords, modem and other decoders. Hidden in this box, the wires come out through the openings placed at the ends and a cover allows access to the wires if necessary. You can make your own cable organizer with a shoe box or buy a more stylish one, but also a more solid one in a decoration or interior design shop. The choice of colors and dimensions is vast, you will easily find your happiness.

Small electric cable reel modules

The designers have thought of you by creating small, clever objects that allow you to wind the extension cords and excessively long wires that clutter your living room. In various shapes, round, hourglass or rods, these systems are mostly made of silicone and heat resistant. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes and can hide up to several meters of cable. These playful little objects will also bring an original decorative touch to your interior.

Tips for untangling electrical wires

To avoid tangling brushes with all these cables and electrical outlets, you can label each one. A label marked "lamp" or "decoder" will allow you to find the right catch right away, without having to test all possible combinations. You will find commercially small decorative clips to fix on your son. Finally, small silicone patches to fix on the furniture or on the edge of the desk will keep your laptop power cord or your lamp switch handy.