Put away your dishes: all our tips

Put away your dishes: all our tips

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The storage of the dishes in height

Ideal for small kitchens, the wall shelves installed over the entire height of the walls save a lot of space. Consider playing on the material and color of your shelves to add style to your kitchen. To highlight a nice collection of plates or beautiful old glasses, place them on shelves or racks to match the walls, your dishes will always be close at hand and will be an integral part of your interior decoration. And for a minimalist, storing your dishes in shallow cupboards, but functional thanks to sliding or retractable doors, advantageously frees up space.

Hanging tableware storage systems

In the industrial loft spirit, metal bars and hooks take part in the decoration while optimizing the storage of dishes and utensils. Attached to the wall, a grid or a perforated Isorel panel can also accommodate many kitchen accessories. Hang light dishes such as cups, ladles, whisks or small pans. You will find on the market a multitude of modern and clever accessories such as magnetic bars for example. Clearly visible, the equipment used daily will be easy to access and always tidy.

Corner cupboards for storing dishes

Optimizing every corner of the kitchen is a real asset to gain even more space for cooking. Composed of articulated drawers that occupy the entire depth of the angle, this type of storage is deployed at the opening thanks to the baskets mounted on pivots. It is an ideal solution for storing bulky crockery or small household appliances used occasionally. Another tip to facilitate access and optimize the visibility of kitchen equipment, retractable turntables and compartmentalized or double-bottom drawers to be installed in cupboards or drawers.