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Optimizing storage in a garage

Optimizing storage in a garage

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Each type of object has its own space

In order to free up sufficient circulation space and to easily find objects, it is necessary to dedicate a specific place to them. Labeling each drawer and cupboard lets you know their content at a glance. The tools will find their place on a vertical perforated storage panel in front of the workbench. Free up one corner for automotive equipment, another for gardening. Leisure and sporting goods may be suspended. A bottle rack and wall shelves will optimize the storage of wine and food.

Save space in the garage

If your garage is small, take advantage of all the ceiling height, this will free up floor space. Height storage, utility shelves, magnetic bars, vertical towers, hooks, racks or pulley hangers are the guarantee of optimized space at its maximum. Arranging the walls and the ceiling allows you to park your car while leaving access to traffic and possibly a space for DIY.

Garage furniture

Use plastic utility storage, their durability and solidity allow you to store very heavy objects. The cupboards with transparent compartments will be very practical for visual storage and for small objects such as hardware. Furniture on wheels and stackable will be easier to move. Remember to cover or cover seasonal objects with a protective cover to avoid dust deposits. Vacuum storage bags are ideal for storing bulky clothes.