Build a swim lane

Build a swim lane

The ideal solution for exercising, the swim lane is a narrow and long pool. It is very aesthetic, refined and allows it to be easily integrated into all styles of garden. Focus on the peculiarities of its construction.

Characteristics of the swimming lane

Before starting your construction project, know that this type of pool is less suitable for family pool games. It is therefore more suitable for classic swimming activities. Indeed, its length allows you, according to the model, to swim on ten meters or more, but its width never exceeds 5 m. In terms of cost, its price is close to that of a traditional inground pool. As such, it must also be the subject of a declaration of work or a driving license in town hall depending on its surface. Note that there are also biological swimming lanes which respond to current environmental concerns.

Building a swimming lane: types of construction

The swimming lane is most often a long, buried pool. Several types of achievements are possible. The masonry swim lane is constructed from concrete blocks, poured concrete or shotcrete. The longest and most expensive installation, it is also the most durable. By means of a shell, the installation is the same as for an inground pool of the traditional shell type. However, the dimensions of the corridors are specific. Also, they can be difficult to find. Finally, as a kit, the swimming lane is made up of modular panels or forms. It is the cheapest solution but must be installed on its own.