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Install a railing for a flat roof

Install a railing for a flat roof

Choice and regulations of railings for flat roofs

When your terrace roof is built, you will have the choice between a full railing or bars (which must be vertical to prevent children from climbing). The height must be at least one meter, according to the regulations in force. In addition, the bars must be spaced a maximum of 11 centimeters, as required by law. This obligation is provided so that the head of a child cannot pass there.

What material for a railing?

The railing of a flat roof must be solid and reliable. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum may be suitable for this type of use. Wood can also be suitable, if your terrace is not too exposed to extreme climatic conditions (heat, frost, rain).

Installation of the railing: be rigorous

After taking the dimensions of the flat roof, you must first install the fixing dowels. The implementation must be perfect for the maximum safety conditions to be reached. Anchoring is obviously essential. Make sure to clean the drilled holes (which must be larger than the size of the dowel) and place the dowels, which must absolutely respect the distances between them and in relation to the edge. The sealing can be chemical or mechanical (by anchor stud or anchor screw), solution intended for solid supports. Be careful to adapt your drilling method according to the soil material.