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Build the foundations of his house

Build the foundations of his house

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A house is solid. It must resist all kinds of degradation for decades. The foundations are therefore a fundamental step. There are two kinds.

Shallow foundations

It is the most used technique for the construction of individual houses. This involves digging trenches 50 to 100 cm until reaching the frost-free area. Then a layer of concrete is poured. It will serve as support for the base walls, that is to say the buried walls which will support the slab.

Deep foundations

If the soil on your property is not very supportive (loose soil, nearby stone quarry, etc.), so-called "deep" foundations are necessary. Generally, the foundations then reach depths of 6-8 meters. Different techniques exist: piles, beams (horizontal beams), studs, etc. To know the condition of your soil, the use of a surveyor is advised.

Foundations: when to protect your home

Building the foundations is also a great time to protect your home. Remember to waterproof the buried walls well to avoid rising damp. You can also protect yourself from termites by installing a termicide film under the foundations. In granite massifs, radon, a rare and carcinogenic gas, is emitted. To insulate yourself, you must place an anti-radon film under the foundations.