Draw the plan of his house

Draw the plan of his house

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You have the land and the style of your house. The time has come for the concrete: draw the plan of your home. Who should be entrusted with this task? How to orient the pieces? What tips to make the house modular?

Draw the house plan yourself or choose a specialist?

Thanks to the Internet, it is very easy to access free software that helps you build your house plans. Mezzanine, number of bedrooms, location of the bathrooms, you manage everything by yourself. Better still submit your final plan to the eye of a specialist! You can entrust the design of the plan to an architect. The price will obviously be a little more expensive but you will be sure that your house will be perfectly adapted to your land and that no space will be wasted. If you buy your house from the catalog, the plan is already drawn. However, the manufacturer always leaves a minimum of freedom for the layout of the parts.

House plan: the orientation of the rooms

The living rooms and the living room must be facing due south to make the most of the light. The main bedrooms are generally facing south-east to benefit from maximum sunshine in the morning. The rooms where you only pass (laundry), little used (guest room) or the multimedia room, can be fitted in the north part of the house. So many tips that will reduce your electricity bill.

House plan: think about the future

When imagining your house, think of the future: the expansion of the family or your old age. A garage can be transformed into a bedroom on the ground floor if the electrical outlets have been provided beforehand. The attic can become a playroom for children if you opt for a frame with "A" trusses, for example.