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Renovate a pool table

Renovate a pool table

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Renovating a billiard table is an operation that requires DIY skills but requires little equipment. There are three steps to renovating a billiard table: remove the old carpet, clean the table, and install a new carpet.

Renovate a billiard table: remove the old carpet

The table top of a pool table is covered with a felt mat, remove it from the frame and place it on trestles. To renovate the billiard table, remove the felt carpet, it is only glued to the fields of the board. With a cutter, cut the center of the carpet along its length and then pull it to peel it off. Then remove the remaining glue with a scraper, taking care not to leave any residue. Dust and clean the tray with a damp cloth. Let it dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Install the new billiard mat

The second step to renovate a billiard table requires meticulousness, get help. Start by unrolling the felt mat and adjust its position on the billiard table. Then raise the edges of the carpet to clear the fields of the plateau.

Paste the fields

Use a can of glue: cut a rectangle of cardboard about 30 cm by 50 cm and use it to avoid projections. Glue a first field of the tray and let the glue thicken for a few minutes.

Attach the billiard mat

Start by sticking the carpet on one of the width fields: hold the carpet firmly with one hand then pull to stretch it, stick it gently. Do the same for the other end, making sure to keep the carpet taut. Repeat the operation for both sides in width making sure to stretch the carpet well each time. Finish by gluing the carpet on the corners and cutting the excess felt with the cutter.