Install a ceiling on a double frame

Install a ceiling on a double frame

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Making a ceiling with decorative tiles is a way of insulating a room, but when it is mounted on a double frame, it becomes a very effective sound and heat insulator, not to mention that it can be installed in the space thus created, electric cables or lighting systems.

Installation principle

This type of ceiling requires the installation of a primary framework strong enough to accommodate thick insulation and which must also support the secondary framework, on which the decorative tiles will be fixed. It is the reduced number of anchor points that makes the insulation performance.

Installation of frameworks

First, install the angle iron on which the secondary framework will rest, then the one that will support the primary framework. Next, the rails of the primary framework are placed, on which the load-bearing profiles will be fixed. However, if the span must exceed 3 m, it will be necessary to support the profiles with lines fixed to the ceiling. The secondary framework is then put in place on lines attached to the load-bearing sections placed on the primary framework. The frames must be installed horizontally, to be checked with a level.

Insulation and decoration

The insulating panels, preferably thermal, acoustic and firebreak, are placed progressively on the primary framework, because the secondary framework could interfere with the installation. Finally, we put in place the finishing slabs on the secondary framework.