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Install an insulating lining on a window

Install an insulating lining on a window

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Windows are important sources of heat loss in a house or apartment, but an insulating lining placed on these openings can considerably improve the situation._x000D_

Insulation on the window panes

_x000D_ In any season, you can quite easily find plastic film rolls in DIY stores which insulate windows both in summer against heat and in winter against cold. To install it, it is necessary to take very precise measurements of each window. These measurements will be transferred to the plastic film, also very precisely if we want it to be invisible on the glass. Once the film has been cut according to these measures, we will place it on the glass by masking it to avoid making unsightly bubbles._x000D_

Plastic storm window

_x000D_ The plastic storm window is installed around the edge of the window and completely covers it. The air that is caught between the window and the plastic film contributes to the insulation of the housing. After having carefully cleaned and degreased the perimeter of the window, we put a double-sided tape on it. The flexible plastic film supplied in the kit is affixed to this scotch tape, without it being necessary to tighten it perfectly. Finally, we pass a hair dryer on the film until it is perfectly stretched. The film can remain in place throughout the winter, and it will be removed in the spring, without leaving any trace on the window, which is a significant advantage for the tenants.