Choose a kit skylight

Choose a kit skylight

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The skylight kit is an excellent alternative to electric light. This lighting system allows natural light to enter rooms designed without windows, as is often the case in the bathroom, dressing room or hallways.

What is a skylight?

It is an ingenious system which makes it possible to capture sunlight on the roof and to channel it and channel it through a conduit to a room which may or may not be located directly under the roof. The intensity of the light produced will depend on the diameter and the type of aluminum conduit used. You can get a light equivalent to that provided by bulbs of 60 to 500 watts which will allow you to light rooms up to 30 m².

How to choose the sensor and the conduit?

Skylights are almost always supplied as a kit and can be adapted to all types of roofs, slates or tiles, and to all slopes, from 15 to 60 °. What distinguishes the different skylights are the sensors and the duct. The sensors are made of flat or domed glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. The advantage of acrylic is that it lets in more light and lasts longer than polycarbonate. The conduit can be flexible or rigid. It is important to know how long you will need, so you need to measure the distance between the roof and the ceiling of the room to be lit.

Night lighting

Remember that this room will also need to be lit at night. You can take an optional electric back-up system fitted with a switch. There are also light intensity regulators which, through a system of shutters, make it possible to decrease or increase the intensity of the scattered light.