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Install spots on cable

Install spots on cable

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Modern looking spots on cable will give your interior a touch of design. The cable spots can be oriented according to your needs and desires. You benefit from personalized lighting. Their installation is simple but will still require a little attention.

Determine the location of the spots

Above all, plan to leave 15 cm between the ceiling and the cables, 30 cm between the cable and the wall and about 15 cm between each cable. The location of the rails must be delimited. These cannot be less than 30 cm from the edge of the wall. You must leave a space of 15 cm between the two rails of a spotlight. Feel free to mark the location of each item on the wall with a pencil.

Place cables

Then you need to install your cables. To do this, drill four holes at the locations designated as the end of the cables. Place a dowel in two of the holes, then insert the cable fixing pins. You can then place each tensioner in the hook of the fixings and hang the cable on the tensioner. Do the same on the other side of the wall. Take care to tension the cable as much as possible using the tensioners. Screw the spots between the rails, leaving about twenty centimeters between each of them.

The electrical part of the spots

First, turn off the power to avoid the risk of electric shock. You need to check if there is already a ceiling connection near the cable you just installed. If a connection exists, you will only have to strip its two power cables to connect them to the transformer. If there is no connection, you will have to install one. Once the transformer is connected, fix it to the cable and to the wall. You can then reconnect the power and test your installation.